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What's the weather like where you are?

Natural catastrophes are becoming increasingly severe and complex. As a result, the expertise of specialist reinsurers is increasingly in demand. Meteorologists and geoscientists like you can help us validate natural hazard models or assess the impact of climate change on our business model.

Working as a meteorologist or geoscientist 

Do you have a degree in meteorology or geosciences and want to join us? Excellent. Our interdisciplinary team consists of meteorologists, geoscientists, analysts and other specialists who help us analyse and assess the risks of natural catastrophes such as storms, floods and droughts. Your work will involve developing and validating natural hazard models for hazards such as cyclones, windstorms, hail, drought, etc. You will also be required to assess the impact of climate change on our business model and produce external and internal reports. As this is all very data-driven, your work may also involve programming algorithms for parametric covers and adapting NatCat models to climate.

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In Group Risk Management, we mainly employ meteorologists, geoscientists or similar scientifically oriented profiles. Our interdisciplinary teams can make good use of your expertise in meteorological or geoscientific data and models. This could be in product development, pricing or the ongoing monitoring and management of risks in our portfolio. This is where your expertise comes into play:

Group Risk Management  

This department is concerned with the identification, quantification and management of risks.

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"As a risk manager, I have a varied and exciting job in an interdisciplinary environment. The teamwork is relaxed – new colleagues quickly become part of the team. Every day offers scope for active participation and taking on responsibility. Working for a global reinsurance group aligns with my personal vision."

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