Purpose and values

Together we create opportunities

Our purpose and values reflect a robust corporate culture founded on partnership. As we seek to further extend our market position among the top reinsurers, we systematically cultivate segments that offer considerable future potential – for ourselves and our clients.

The world is changing rapidly. Some of the main drivers are the shift in the global structure of economic activity, demographics, climate change and the digital revolution. When it comes to the challenges and opportunities that come with change, our purpose and values lead the way, supporting our decision-making and reinforcing our future-readiness.

Beyond risk sharing, we team up to create opportunities

We were founded as an in-house reinsurer and started small, a new kid on the block, proving ourselves every day for over fifty years. We’ve grown into a company with the resources of a major player and the flexibility of a boutique one.

We enable industries and people to recover from distress and move forward. By expanding the availability of insurance and reinsurance we improve the lives of many, opening up new avenues and creating fresh opportunities. We promise to work in concert with our clients, our partners, and our shareholders to do more than just preserve the status quo.

We are pragmatic, highly qualified and completely focused on our core business. Our strong underwriting culture, our focus on client partnerships, our lean operating model and efficient capital management have enabled our company to deliver attractive returns and industry outperformance in the past decade.

We move with times and are guided by our corporate image. It explains our purpose, it defines what drives us and how we do business – always "somewhat different".

Purpose and Values



Responsibility means we have integrity, we take ownership and we are empowered to master the challenges that lie ahead. Responsibility shapes how we go beyond risk sharing.

Our first responsibility is to help our clients. We are empowered to deliver fast and we search for new solutions that meet the needs of our clients and help in closing the protection gap - worldwide. This way we play a crucial role in keeping industries and people going.


At Hannover Re, we have we-spirit. We all contribute to common success, we value every individual within Hannover Re, we embrace diversity and we foster a culture of respect. This has been an important value for us, and we want to maintain and foster this in the future. From a we-spirit angle we look at our purpose where teaming up is a winning approach.

Our people are in the company for a long time and we often have a long history with our clients. At Hannover Re you learn and you grow, sometimes even from trainee to managing director. We have home-grown members in our executive board, we have developed experts and we have long-term connections with our clients. We build up a corporate memory towards our clients which enables us to see opportunities, find solutions, and speed up execution.


We are open-minded and give things a try. Our drive pushes our ambition to increase the success of our clients and to strive towards creating opportunities.

We are pragmatists and hands-on by nature and we have always had this urge to get going and tackle problems instead of losing ourselves in long discussions. While we have grown into a big company, we have remained nimble. We help our clients as if we still were a much smaller enterprise: fast, flexible and undogmatic – we remain “somewhat different”.