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Compliance for Hannover Re means adherence to all relevant regulatory and statutory requirements. To that ain we have implemented internal policies and guidelines which are monitored and reviewed through our compliance management system. The role of the Hannover Re Compliance Function is to support the business meet its compliance objectives and to provide guidance on the rules, regulations, guidelines and policies applicable to each area of the business.

Code of Conduct

Hannover Re organises its internal guidelines, rules and regulations as well as its business processes and daily actions in compliance with external requirements We thus avoid business, behavioural, liability and reputational risks that could have a detrimental effect on our business activities and achieve efficient and effective support for the company's objectives by drawing up clear guidelines and implementing them.

Company-wide guidelines, such as the Code of Conduct, support employees in successfully mastering the often complex ethical and legal challenges in their daily work. All employees are also committed to honest, fair and law-abiding behaviour towards colleagues and customers.

Hannover Re regularly updates its internal rules and processes in order to adapt them to changing socio-political requirements.

Third Party Code of Conduct

Our Third Party Code of Conduct defines our expectations geared to our third parties. We expect the same high responsible and ethical standards as we expect from ourselves. This includes fair working conditions, respect for fundamental human rights and complying with applicable laws and regulations. The Third Party Code of Conduct also contains guidance on environmental protection and sustainable procurement. This code is a benchmark for all those with whom we do business and is the foundation for a trusting and long-term partnership.

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Whistleblower system / Speak up

Hannover Re fosters a speak up culture.

Our whistleblower / speak up system enables employees, customers and partners to report possible misconduct. This might be suspected compliance violations or harmful behaviour and reports can be made anonymously, if desired. Concerns relating to aspects of provisions of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act can also be reported via this system. This enables Hannover Re to identify possible misbehaviour or suspected cases, ensures swift reaction and prevent further damage.

Hannover Re takes every report seriously, treats it with the highest possible confidentiality and conducts a thorough investigation. Contravention of laws and regulations can also be made known to the Compliance Officer of Hannover Re and its segments.