Strategy and governance

Sustainability and its three dimensions - economic, social and environmental sustainability - together with integrated governance form the foundation of our group strategy 2024 - 2026 "Staying Focused. Thinking Ahead".


Sustainability plays a central role in all strategic decisions in underwriting, investments and our own business operations. But what does this mean in concrete terms for Hannover Re?

From an economic perspective, it means profitable growth and a commitment to responsible, transparent corporate management geared towards long-term success.

From an ecological perspective, climate change and the associated severe natural disasters as well as the necessary transformation processes are the greatest challenges.

The social perspective is closely linked to our target of being an attractive employer. It is reflected in our performance culture, our efforts to improve talent development and the realisation of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Further information on our group strategy 2024-2026


The Executive Board of Hannover Re is responsible for sustainability. It decides on the strategic direction as well as its targets and measures. In organisational terms, sustainability management is the responsibility of the "Group Strategy & Sustainability" department. Three core functions form our sustainability governance:

Sustainability function
Based in the "Group Strategy & Sustainability" department and headed by the Corporate Sustainability Manager, the Sustainability Function is responsible for the central coordination of all sustainability activities. This includes managing sustainability projects, reporting to the Executive Board and advising specialist departments.

ESG Management Team
The ESG management team consists of members from various specialist areas and forms the interface to the sustainability function. The target is to ensure dovetailing with the Group strategy and to create a central coordination unit for the implementation of interdisciplinary projects.

ESG Expert Network
The ESG Expert Network is made up of employees from various specialist areas who have in-depth knowledge of sustainability. These serve the Sustainability Function as a central point of contact and support for the decentralised implementation of measures.