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Reinsurance services

With our consultative approach to client relationships, we focus on getting to know our clients and their organisations so that together we develop future-proof businesses.

With a wealth of international experience and a demonstrable track record of superlative product design, we offer a wide range of services which complement our core reinsurance offerings.

Thanks to our long-established presence and our international network of specialists, we have built up a comprehensive knowledge of the market and the latest global trends, as well as our clients and their needs.

Based on our range of first-rate standard and tailored add-on life and health products and services, we can shape our solutions to suit every client in every part of the world.

How we can help

Whether it’s help with collecting and interpreting data, promoting healthier lifestyles, at-retirement products or speeding up and simplifying policy delivery and claims handling through automated underwriting systems, our experts are able and keen to help.

Our data analytics team is flush with ideas on how to mine the huge seams of data that every insurance company is sitting on. At the same time, we actively support lifestyle-based developments through strategic partnerships: The application of wearable technology to measure healthy behaviour is driving a new generation of policies where the policyholder gets rewarded for taking responsibility for their own health. We anticipate growing demand for these policies, particularly from younger people.

We also have a range of innovative plans designed for people as they reach the end of their working life. At-retirement arrangements differ all over the world and we are committed to working with our clients to design new and differentiated propositions for this cohort, wherever they are. As an example, this includes products for younger consumers who in some regions are culturally obligated to help their parents financially.

Whether your target groups are young, old or somewhere in between, our popular automated underwriting systems will significantly streamline your processes as well as provide top quality management information, while our web-based decision support manuals offer comprehensive information to reinforce underwriting decisions.

We also support credit life and Takaful cover, employee training and much more. Take your business forward with our extensive range of add-on services, based on our years of experience and detailed discussion with our clients.

Browse through the tabs below to find out more, or contact your local Hannover Re representative to discuss your needs on an individual basis. Let’s create opportunities together.

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Ready to shape the future of insurance

Insurtech innovation pool: hr | equarium

As a global reinsurer, we can help guide valuable collaborations in the industry. Our hr | equarium platform is an innovation pool which facilitates partnerships between insurtechs and insurance companies worldwide.

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