Life & Health


We offer our clients access to our full resources across medical, underwriting, claims and actuarial expertise to produce competitive mortality, critical illness, lump sum disability, impairment and income protection offerings.

Our willingness to cover a significant share of the risk on such products is testament to our belief in the underlying designs, processes and rates.

Critical illness

Critical illness cover has been one of the most successful product innovations to come out of the South African life assurance market. We offer an exceptional depth of expertise and experience in critical illness, closely tailoring our solutions to clients’ channel and market needs.

Income protection

By providing a monthly payment for policyholders unable to work through periods of sickness or injury, income protection offers a source of protection that is more valuable than ever in these uncertain times.

Life assurance

We help optimise the underwriting decision making process through our detailed demographic, medical and actuarial knowledge of the market. Working with the latest technologically advanced automatic underwriting platform, we provide beneficial mortality assessments for our clients’ life assurance portfolio.


Hannover Re South Africa has gained wide-ranging experience in different areas of reinsurance in the local market, including single premium reinsurance, mortality swap solutions and portfolio reinsurance. We are South Africa’s leading reinsurer of underwritten annuities.

Financial solutions

Our financial solutions enable our clients to absorb new business strain, enter into new ventures, support mergers and acquisitions, meet solvency and surplus requirements and release embedded values for maturing profits.

International range of solutions

From standardised products to tailor-made reinsurance solutions, find out what Hannover Re can provide in addition to its local entities’ solution offerings: