Tokyo, Japan

Life & Health

Hannover Re Services Japan (Hannover Re Japan) is located in the central area of Tokyo. Founded in 2000, Hannover Re Japan closely monitors and analyses the drivers for life insurers' changing reinsurance needs to design and deliver optimal reinsurance solutions and new business ideas.

This enables us to establish strong relationships and to grow in perfect symbiosis with our clients by sharing both our detailed local expertise and the knowledge embedded in our global network. Our tailor-made solutions include traditional life insurance business, financial solutions, and other more innovative product types.

We also provide ideas and solutions drawing on the substantial experience of different life and health products and markets within Hannover Re’s network of underwriters around the world.

We are happy to share the benefit of this experience with clients’ underwriters looking to update their knowledge, solve complex challenges, underwrite new risks, or explore new underwriting technologies such as automated underwriting platforms.

Takuro Sorihashi

Head of Life & Health