Life & Health


South Korea is one of the highly concentrated and saturated insurance markets in the world. We understand what our clients face, and we deliver the widest possible range of reinsurance solutions to help our clients address these areas, whilst also seeking opportunities to expand into other innovative solution areas.

Risk solutions

We support our clients’ underwriting decision-making by leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated within the Hannover Re Group, and by agreeing on retention limits that allow both client and reinsurer to benefit in a mutually profitable relationship. We are capable of providing reinsurance solutions on products offered in both mass and niche markets. It includes:

  • Mortality
  • Longevity
  • Health
  • Accident
  • Insurtech

Financial solutions

As a market leader in financial solutions, we provide alternative means of accessing capital. These solutions offer considerable benefits over capital market equity or debt, and it enable our clients to pursue:

  • Increase solvency ratio
  • Stabilise solvency ratio
  • Fund new acquisition
  • Pay dividend
  • Increase ROE or ROI
  • Smooth out capital requirements across risks

International range of solutions

From standardised products to tailor-made reinsurance solutions, find out what Hannover Re can provide in addition to its local entities’ solution offerings: