Life & Health


E+S Rück profits from the combined knowledge of a network of 23 international offices within the life and health business group: a substantial pool of knowledge that we are able to exploit to the advantage of our clients.

German market – E+S Rück

As a member of the Hannover Re Group, E+S Rück is part of the leading financial reinsurer in the German market. On unit linked life insurance in particular, our support has enabled clients to take full advantage of market opportunities. Our advanced expertise applies not only to traditional risk protections, but also, to an even greater extent, to innovative primary insurance solutions that help our clients develop new markets.

Our special focus is currently directed at the insurance market for senior citizens in Germany, an area that has received little attention in the past. The over 60s are the only population group that will experience growth in the future. Senior citizens also control the greater part of all private assets held by German households. The specific needs of senior citizens are only marginally reflected in insurance products currently available. We expect to see substantial growth in this market in the years to come, and our goal is to become the leading reinsurer within this segment.

The reinsurer for Germany

E+S Rück

Infor­mation on the German market in German language is avai­lable on the E+S Rück website. E+S Rück bears responsi­bility within the Hannover Re Group for German business.