Life & Health


Business lines

We serve clients worldwide in three main areas:

  • Financial solutions
  • Traditional reinsurance
  • Longevity solutions

Our involvement in a wide range of markets provides us with significant leverage when assisting our clients to develop tailor-made solutions across all lines of business.

Financial solutions

We offer a range of niche reinsurance solutions ranging from standard to highly structured transactions. These can offer significant benefits over traditional capital market equity and debt solutions.

Our tailor-made solutions enable our clients to:

  • absorb new business strain
  • enter into new ventures
  • support mergers and acquisitions
  • optimize tax, reserving, solvency and surplus requirements
  • release embedded values for maturing profits

Traditional reinsurance

Our proportional mortality and morbidity solutions allow our clients to:

  • reduce the claims volatility inherent in small but growing blocks of business
  • offer insurance to high net worth individuals by using proportional reinsurance to extend capacity beyond their internal risk tolerance levels

Longevity solutions

Our team of experts has extensive experience in developing longevity products for both banks and insurance companies. Working across the full spectrum of longevity impairment, we help our clients manage longevity risk exposures, tailoring our solutions to suit the nature and term of their specific products and portfolios.

International range of solutions

From standardised products to tailor-made reinsurance solutions, find out what Hannover Re can provide in addition to its local entities’ solution offerings: