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Accident rein­surance solu­tions

Accidents are among the most unpredictable and financially devastating insured risks.

At Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America, we help you reduce the financial impact associated with accident claims by underwriting and assuming a significant portion of your risk.

We offer reinsurance solutions for the accident market on a group and individual basis, covering both traditional accident and niche lines:

  • Group acci­dental death and dis­member­ment
  • Accidental death carve-out
  • Voluntary acci­dental death and dis­member­ment
  • Bulk acci­dental death benefit
  • Travel accident and business travel accident
  • Blanket personal accident
  • Accident medical
  • Mass marketed accident (bene­fits written through affi­nity groups, work­site marke­ting or direct-to-con­sumer marke­ting programs)
  • Special events
  • Common carrier

Accidental death and dis­member­ment carve-out

Accidental death carve-outs, which cover single life accidents, are an affordable alter­native to address one of the most volatile aspects of mortality. Our accidental death carve-out solutions will help you manage your net retained exposure while maintaining the predictable mortality risk.

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