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Property & Casualty

A worldwide integrated reinsurer.

Worldwide presence

Hannover Re's worldwide presence, infrastructure and organisational approach are optimally geared towards market requirements, supporting clients’ capital and growth targets, and helping to reduce protection gaps globally. Central management combined with local talent, an effective customer relationship management and detailed risk management are Hannover Re's key to providing our clients with the best reinsurance solutions.

We know our clients and understand their evolving needs. We focus on active listening, problem solving and unlocking new business opportunities together with our clients and brokers.

We are consistent, respond fast and clearly articulate our risk appetite to manage client and broker expectations. We provide all standard reinsurance products as well as specially tailored solutions that add value. Hannover Re is writing business on a local basis where it makes business sense. Risk management functions such as capital allocation, retrocession and the use of capital market instruments, are exercised centrally at our Hannover office. In specialised Hannover Re areas, the knowledge and skills are concentrated in established centres to give our clients the reinsurance solutions for their needs.

“At Hannover Re, we collaborate across borders to bring the right solution to each of our clients at the right time.”

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