Protection through cooperation

Retakaful business

We offer reinsurance in accordance with Islamic law (Sharia-compliant). The business model is similar in form to that of mutual insurance.

We service the needs of one of the largest, rapidly growing takaful markets globally, providing client centric initiatives.

Our retakaful experts

Hannover ReTakaful B.S.C. (c) is the leading provider of retakaful support to international partners, particularly in the GCC, North Africa and the Far East across all lines of business.

Hannover Re in Bahrain

From our inception, our global vision has been to establish and maintain strong business relationships with our partners across the globe. To accomplish this, we provide Sharia-based advice and bespoke solutions to our takaful partners under the strictures laid out by our Sharia Supervisory Board (SSB).

Partnering with us is more than just a signing of an insurance policy, we also offer support in developing new Sharia compliant products for emerging and established markets.

Regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain, Hannover ReTakaful B.S.C. (c) has an A+ rating from S&P. Established in 2006 with an authorised capital of USD 135 million and fully paid-up capital of USD 54 million, the current contribution volumes are in excess of USD 170 million with and an asset base of USD 423 million.

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