A major market

Aviation and space

The Increase in passenger volume is boosting demand for aircraft. Over the coming 20 years the worldwide airline fleet is expected to double in size.

Hannover Re has been writing aviation and space business for well over 30 years. Today, we are one of the major markets in this class.

Our offering

We provide obligatory and facultative reinsurance solutions across all lines of aviation and space business, including AV52 and hull war.

One of our core-competences is non-proportional treaty business (including RXS), which we are able to support with significant capacity. Additionally, our longstanding expertise in this area enables us to act as a lead-market.

As regards proportional business, our focus is to establish long-term relationships with clients who can offer an above average profit potential based on their proven market expertise, strong leadership position and/or unique access to business opportunities.


Our main goal is to utilise our experience, knowledge and capacity to cater for our clients’ needs, providing them with the best possible solution and service for their whole aviation and/or space portfolio.

Further solutions for property & casualty business