For a modular automated underwriting system that provides immediate and risk-adequate decisions directly at the point of sale, check out hr | ReFlex. It supports all your sales channels and leverages the full potential of an all-digital business process, increasing turnover and profitability. Its unique flexibility allows easy integration of new insurance products.

End-to-end added value

What’s the best way to increase sales, cut client drop-out rates and save costly underwriting referrals? Do you need quick access to reliable automated underwriting decisions and direct links to third-party data? How can you offer your insurance products through a wide mix of direct online, mobile, retail, bank and tele-underwriting channels, as well as aggregator sites, agents and brokers? Do your customers want a streamlined and speedy application process resulting in an immediate firm and competitive offer? Do you want easily accessible and web-based administration functions?

Your solution is hr | ReFlex, which offers a full policy sales service based on immediate and dependable risk assessment for a wide variety of life & health insurances and can also be tailored to fit your property & casualty needs.

With the backing of decades of experience and developed in tandem with our clients across the globe, hr | ReFlex offers a full range of features which:

  • Put our extensive underwriting experience to work for you
  • Track decisions and the reasoning behind them
  • Collect, validate and enrich data with auditable information
  • Offer regularly updated expert intelligence for your legal, regulatory or regional market changes

A modular gateway to a full service

hr | ReFlex is based on a modular architecture so it is available in a wide range of options: from stand-alone hr | ReFlex Express to the full-stack solution. Whatever your organisation’s needs, we can help you connect to and from your existing individual platform or environment, facilitating access to all our automatic and manual underwriting solutions.

A flexible solution

Whether you want to introduce new insurance products, add new distribution partners, run a quick year-end campaign, optimise the customer journey for a specific target segment, or dynamically adapt your underwriting requirements, hr | ReFlex can be tailored to your needs.

hr | ReFlex in brief

  • Modular architecture
  • Access to a comprehensive set of add-on services
  • Easy to implement
  • Frequently updated
  • Immediate, risk-adequate decisions
  • Increased turnover and profitability


Underwriting automation: hr | ReFlex

Management information with hr | ReFlex

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