Reinsurance services

Underwriting automation

Today’s insurance buyers want and expect insurance solutions on the spot. They won’t accept the notion of waiting days or even weeks for a policy to be made available. They expect straightforward processes when purchasing policies and making claims. They want to avoid endless paperwork, constant check-ups and exhausting toing and froing. Whether they buy directly from a website or through an intermediary like a bank or an agent, our automated underwriting systems can help you to meet their demands.

At Hannover Re, we offer a choice of digital underwriting tools that enable our partners to wrap up a policy directly at the point of sale and clear up a claim in short order.

Our tools, hr | QUIRC and hr | ReFlex, offer a slick policy purchase and claims handling service which is flexible, modular and can be made available through a wide variety of sales channels.

Our systems are popular among insurance companies because they are easily modified to fit underwriting rules and conditions in different markets and individual organisations. Coupled with our reinsurance cover, they offer clients a joined-up approach in terms of support services and they:

  • Ensure decisions are grounded in the most up-to-date data: aligned with our underwriting manual hr | Ascent or its health insurance counterpart hr | decida
  • Tailor the questions asked to suit each individual’s circumstances
  • Speed up the process of issuing policies
  • Support management decisions with analyses, evaluations, reports and statistics
  • Eliminate the need for copious paperwork, medical reports and blood checks
  • Enable extra functionality to be added on with ease

Our systems make sound decisions based on up-to-date medical research. The underlying logic behind our “smart” questionnaires reacts to the applicant’s disclosure with appropriate reflexive questions, ensuring only top quality data is collected. The systems also take away the pain of putting in a lot of work on unsuccessful proposals. Fewer cases are referred to underwriters, freeing them to exercise their skills on more exacting situations which fall outside the norm.

Our solutions have been developed in partnership with our clients worldwide and we are continuously updating with new functionality and content based on what you tell us, new research developments and our expertise in advanced data analytics. In addition to supporting sales and policy delivery and claims assessment, they can be linked to your existing back office functions or Hannover Re’s add-in modules, providing easy access to and support for management and underwriting information, auditing requirements, reporting functions and workflow support tools.

With the help of our automated underwriting systems, companies that automate their underwriting processes can see increased sales and higher profitability. Our products are modular and can be easily tailored to suit each unique business and fine-tuned for individual markets. Suitable for property and casualty insurance, as well as life and health, the systems will fit into your existing IT landscape and adapt to future updates with ease, maximising your investment and enabling you to stay well ahead of your competition.