Application for a specific opening

You are looking for a task to further your career and we are looking for qualified and motivated staff. The easiest way for both of us to find what we are looking for is for you to apply for a specific opening. Or to several of them.

This is what you need to do:

  1. See if there are any jobs in our job portal which corres­pond to what you want and to your qualifi­cations. We update our portal daily.
  2. If you have any ques­tions regar­ding a job adver­tisement, contact a colleague of the Recrui­ting Service Team.
  3. Apply via our applicants’ portal. The easiest way of getting to the appli­cants’ portal is to click on the link at the end of the job adver­tisement.
    This does not apply to appli­cations to our inter­national offices – you can find out more about this under world­wide appli­cation.

Important to note!

Please use only the applicants’ portal for your application in Hannover.

If you send us your application by post or email we will ask you to submit it again via the applicants’ portal. The reason for this is that we process all applications via this portal and use it to keep in touch with you.

Important to know!

The applicants’ portal simplifies the application process. After registration you will be guided through the process step by step. You will find it is child’s play to complete your profile and upload your personal cover letter, individual CV and all relevant certificates and references. Even if you wish to apply for several jobs, you only have to fill in your application once – you can use your profile to applications for different positions.

Method of application

If you wish to apply for a job in Hannover/Germany, please use the applicants’ portal.

If you send us your application by post or email, we will accept it and create a personal account for you in our applicants’ portal. Then, however, the ball is in your court again as we ask you to apply via the applicants’ portal and to agree to the storage of your data. If you fail to do this, we unfortunately cannot consider your application.

You cannot use the applicants’ portal for an application abroad. The Entry in offices worldwide gives you information on how to apply directly to our international offices.

Application procedure

Hannover Re has a set application process for applications in Hannover/Germany. Here is an overview of the steps:

  1. You find a suitable job advertisement. To apply online, you need personal access (login). If you have already registered, simply log in and fill in the online application. If you are not yet registered, first set up your personal access. Then you can start the online application process.
  2. You register for the applicants’ portal. Here you will be requested to agree to the privacy statement and to give your consent to having your data stored. After your first registration, you have access to your personal applicants' portal.
  3. Your application via the job portal. Give detailed personal information, including education, work experience, qualifications and interests in the application form. Then upload your cover letter, your CV and relevant certificates and references.
    You can save your application as a draft and complete it at a later date. Take a look at the page ‘overview’ to see if you have included all relevant information and then submit your application. We do not receive your application until you have clicked on ‘submit application’ on the overview page and filed it in the application status as a submitted application.
    If you want to work in one of our international offices, you cannot apply via our applicants’ portal. The section Entry in offices worldwide tells you what to do should you want to apply abroad.
  4. You receive a confirmation email as soon as we have looked at your application.
  5. We review your application. We check that it includes everything and if you are suitable for the advertised position. If the answer to both of these questions is yes, we pass your application on to the Human Resources recruiter. If he/she also gives the green light, it gets passed on to the appropriate department. We get in touch with you if any documents are missing.
  6. If you wish to check the status of your application, you can do so in your personal applicants' portal.
  7. You may come into consideration for a different job. In this case we contact you and ask if this job would also be of interest to you. We only pass your application on to this department if you give your consent.
  8. You hear from us. Whether we invite you to an interview, tell you that the selection process is taking longer than expected or that your application was not successful – you will hear from us within four weeks of submitting your application. We value your application and we assess it thoroughly.
  9. You are invited to an interview. The first step has been taken. You and Hannover Re get to know each other in an interview that takes about two hours. This interview is with someone from the Human Resources department and the department you applied to. We reimburse any travel costs. There may be a further interview. If we think you are a suitable candidate, we invite you to an taster day which allows you and your future colleagues to see if you are compatible.
  10. You get the job. Congratulations! You are a suitable candidate and are offered the job.
  11. Your application is not successful. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. If, however, we think your education and qualifications are of interest to us and if you give your consent, we keep you in our pool of applicants. When new vacancies come up, we check if any of the candidates in our pool fulfil the job requirements. Thus you may be invited to an interview at some time in the future. Your application is deleted after being in the pool for six months.

Application documents

If you want to apply for a position at the headquarters in Hannover/Germany you have to fill in the application form and send a cover letter, a curriculum, and relevant certificates.

Please note that we only accept applications via our applicants’ portal. The reason for this is that we process all applications via this portal and use it to keep in touch with you.

I. Your cover letter

One thing is for sure: the first glance of the recruiter is at the cover letter. Do write it as individual as possible. The cover letter tells us about your relevant experience, your motivation and professional goal. State exactly what interests you about Hannover Re and what you would like to do here. Also let us know about your earliest starting date and current period of notice.

II. Your CV

In your curriculum vitae you describe your educational and professional career, starting with the actual dates. Any gaps in the development should be explained.

III. Your attachments

Attachments should not extend 5 MB per file and a total size of 25 MB. You can use pdf, doc/docx, rtf, jpg or gif formats for the attachments. We recommend using the pdf file format for your attachments.

Do you have all data and documents ready? Then it takes about 10 minutes to fill in the forms on our portal, depending on your skills and knowledge, plus a bit of time to register in the applicant's portal.