A key advan­tage of part­nering with Hannover Re is the access clients gain to our global network of bio­metric risk experts. A detailed and current under­standing of bio­metric risks is essen­tial to pro­viding ad­equate cover against the risk of death, disease or dis­ability at an appro­priate cost.

Biometric risk is a rapidly evol­ving field. Social, medical and techno­logical develop­ments, combined with compe­tition and inno­vation within the life and health insu­rance market, are leading to increa­singly complex and specia­lised products.

Our high-level exper­tise in bio­metric risk helps our partners respond to both the opportu­nities and the threats created by this process of change. We monitor closely how medical ad­vances in diag­nosis and treat­ment will affect the morta­lity, dis­ability, morbi­dity and longe­vity risks our clients face. This enables them to respond quickly and pro­actively – and thus gain an im­portant compe­titive advantage.

We also look closely at chan­ging social, beha­vioural and health aware­ness trends. This pro­vides im­portant insights into how indivi­duals will respond to the ac­tual and per­ceived bio­metric risks they face. Focu­sing on these issues enables us and our clients to anti­cipate evol­ving patterns of demand in the market and to trans­late emer­ging policy­holder con­cerns and needs into appro­priate pro­ducts and policy wordings.

Our clients bene­fit from the combi­nation of our global bio­metric risk exper­tise and our access to hundreds of millions of life ex­posure records, posi­tioning us uni­quely well to advise them on the best approach to pricing busi­ness with an ex­posure to a full range of bio­metric risks.