Our technology offers end-to-end capability that enables our partners to run a next-generation digital life insurance business. hr | QUIRC’s powerful engine caters for a broad range of life insurance products, from simple basic funeral products to an intelligent and comprehensive suite of fully underwritten products, through its flexible design. To align the customer journey for life insurance to other online consumer experiences, digital self-service for both sales and servicing are a core design philosophy of our platform.


System concept and features

In developing a different approach, our primary objectives were to create a system that:

  • is truly flexible
  • considers the customer journey in its entirety
  • has the ability to be seamlessly integrated into existing systems environments
  • provides a comprehensive reporting platform covering all aspects of the digital process

Our goal is to transform life insurers into modern, digitally driven, consumer-focused entities.

Components and processes

hr | QUIRC supports every step of the life insurance journey and enables process efficiencies across all back-end functions involved in policy acquisition, servicing and administration.

With our omni-channel approach, we ensure that the customer is at the centre of our processes and the platform allows seamless transition from one medium to another.

Components in the hr | QUIRC ecosystem

Flexible solutions

Our flexible suite of digital solutions offers our clients the ability to use specific components of the system or the complete technology stack. The ability to customise and calibrate these components according to our clients’ brand and overall philosophy is key. Working with our clients, we can customise all aspects of hr | QUIRC quickly and cost-effectively to provide a tailor-made solution.

hr | QURIC - flexible solutions

Traditional automated underwriting

Our flexible approach to automated underwriting allows for a user-friendly experience across the full suite of life insurance products. hr | QUIRC’s dynamic ruleset handles simplified, semi-underwritten and fully underwritten products seamlessly with a comprehensive set of reflexive questions. Through a combination of our underwriting expertise, data analytics and behavioural economics, our best-in-class question set uses intuitive questioning and consistent underwriting decisions that reflects our underwriting philosophy.

Our overriding principle when developing our automated underwriting engine (URE) was to ensure that it is completely flexible, easy to maintain and easy to use. With that in mind, the URE’s key features include:

  • a dynamic underwriting question set that can be customised based on the specific area of use, product features and the relevant sales channel
  • tailor-made answers and outcomes to questions that can be created to suit your customers’ specific needs and reflect our combined risk appetites
  • inexpensive maintenance and quick implementation of any changes to questions and outcomes, as well as the inclusion of additional functionality, by virtue of hr | QUIRC being developed and maintained by Hannover Re

This combination of full flexibility, customisation and the ease with which any changes are implemented, gives hr | QUIRC a distinct advantage over other underwriting systems that exist.

Underwriting innovation

For second-stage underwriting that requires manual assessment, hr | QUIRC automatically offers recommendations on further underwriting requirements, which when combined with integrated pathology collection services, allows for additional optimisation of the underwriting process.

The platform has the power to use third-party data as a part of the application process and complements the information disclosed by the applicant during the automated underwriting assessment. Coupled with hr | QUIRC’s intelligent algorithms, this allows for better risk assessment, higher levels of automation and opportunities to bring affordable insurance products to a broader market. Through strategic partnerships and investment in this space, we will continue to develop solutions that add meaningful value for our clients and their customers.

In-depth analytics

Our service offering includes powerful management information across all components of the platform, including the ability to analyse leads, monitor underwriting outcomes, track sales performance and develop regulatory reports.

We provide our clients with reinsurer analytics that include detailed information on their underwriting performance with suggestions for potential improvements to their underwriting questionnaire and validation of our underwriting assumptions.

The transformative power of hr | QUIRC

Our experience is that life insurers are looking to their reinsurer to be at the apex of the innovation pyramid and to provide solutions that enable more sales. By combining modern technology, underwriting and insurance expertise, we have empowered our clients to reach a broader insurance population through new distribution channels and by lowering the barriers to entry to selling life insurance. hr | QUIRC has been tested and refined over the last several years in real-world environments and boasts installations at over twenty insurers globally.


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