We have established and continue to strive to build long-term relationships with our clients that allow us to offer the full service at Hannover Re to the highest possible standard in all lines of business. Providing individual attention and access to a vast range of information and resources, we constantly strive to listen to our business partners by being open, accessible, flexible and innovative.

For further details of the services we offer by line of business please see below:

Treaty Property & Casualty

We are capable of providing individual and tailor-made solutions on proportional and / or non- proportional basis for all P&C classes. Extensive knowledge is available locally and globally.

Amongst others, we write Catastrophe, ISR, Strata, Farm, Domestic, Business Interruption, Engineering as well as Motor and Personal Accident business.

On the casualty side, we support our clients in the following lines: Professional Indemnity, Medical Malpractice, Compulsory Third Party, Workers Compensation, Extended Warranty, General Liability, D&O, Public and Products Liability, Domestic Legal Liability, Motor Third Party Property Damage and Clash protections.

We further actively quote Stop Loss and Aggregate covers for one or various lines of business and are open to discuss different coverage options for unusual exposure or new product ideas. Please approach your local contact partner for any questions.

Facultative P&C

We employ underwriters that have significant underwriting experience and are empowered to make decisions in order to provide quick responses. We aim to be flexible, adaptable, to respond within 24 hours and to offer technical advise when sought and we welcome the opportunity to provide tailor made solutions.

We write Facultative automatics and the following classes of single risks business:

  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Energy Onshore and Offshore
  • Engineering/Construction
  • Specialty Lines (PA, Contingency, Specie)
  • Financial Lines

We strive to fully engage our capacity if terms and conditions allow this. Our max. capacities for the main business classes are for Property and Engineering AUD 100 M on PML basis and AUD 35 M for Casualty.

Specialty Business

Agricultural Business

We provide solutions for hail insurance, multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI), Index products, Forestry, Livestock, Bloodstock, Aquaculture, Greenhouses and plant nurseries. Insured perils are

  • Crop hail: hail and possibly other named perils such as fire
  • MPCI: storm, flood, frost. Extended coverage at an additional premium for drought, uncontrollable pests and diseases
  • Index: Weather index, yield index, imagery index
  • Forestry and greenhouses: fire, lightning, aircraft explosion. Extended coverage: frost, weight of snow, storm, hail
  • Livestock: mortality caused by fire, natural perils (storm, flood, etc.), accidents, manifestation of disease, illness
  • Bloodstock: all risk mortality, infertility, transport
  • Aquaculture: death caused by natural perils, algae bloom, pests and diseases


We are prepared to look at all classes of aviation and space insurance and reinsurance. We can offer significant capacity for non-proportional programmes including risk excess layers and tend to support all available aviation reinsurance purchases of a client. On the proportional side we only target business with an above-average profit potential based on the client’s special knowledge and/or leadership position within a line of business or due to the client’s unique access to the ceded business thanks to its regional position.

Credit, Surety and Political Risks

We focus on traditional credit, surety and political risk business; financial guarantees are excluded from our underwriting policy. As the number two in the world market, we are one of the leading reinsurers in this product segment. We represent a core line of business within the Hannover Re Group strategy. We offer obligatory and facultative capacity, while facultative support is offered as a service based on existing treaty relationships.


We are a recognised leader in all aspects of obligatory marine and energy reinsurance business including cargo, hull, yachts and energy upstream. We prefer to write non-proportional business but would also consider proportional offers on the basis of a client’s special expertise and above average profitability. In addition we offer facultative solutions, especially for high value cargo shipments and project cargo risks.

Structured Solutions

  • is a specialized team providing complex and innovative reinsurance solutions
  • is one of the leading markets for structured and tailor-made reinsurance
  • consistently earns high marks for client and broker satisfaction

Tailor-made solutions: We believe that solutions are found by focussing on the question rather than on a concept or product and hence listen first is always our principle. Therefore, we are looking forward to listen to your challenge in order to develop and discuss an individual idea for a solution.