Our clients leve­rage the exper­tise of our local market pro­fessio­nals as well as the finan­cial secu­rity of our global network. We take a consul­tative approach to our client relation­ships by offe­ring a full suite of tai­lored tools and value added offe­rings that address current market trends and anti­cipate future oppor­tunities. Our lean and dynamic organi­sation struc­ture en­ables us to support our clients with cost-effec­tive risk solu­tions so that they can grow both their top and bottom lines.

Our solution offe­rings include re­search, product design, expe­rience ana­lysis, facul­tative under­writing, policy admini­stration and valu­ation. Our clients further benefit from our exper­tise and know­ledge in rein­surance, distri­bution as well as marke­ting, repor­ting, and claims manage­ment.

These compre­hensive expert capabi­lities enable us to add value to our clients’ busi­ness and bring complex, new, or hybrid products success­fully to market.

Custo­mers can partner with us when, for exam­ple they may lack the in-house resour­ces to re­search, design a new product, or because they need help laun­ching a new product to market. Equally, they might turn to us when rein­surance support is needed to meet risk manage­ment require­ments for venturing into an un­familiar sector of the market.

Whether it is deve­loping product specifi­cations or pricing assump­tions, apply­ing advan­ced modelling techni­ques, or formu­lating distri­bution strate­gies, we can bring market-leading exper­tise and resour­ces to help our custo­mers establish or sustain a compe­titive advan­tage in their chosen sectors of the life insu­rance market.

Our unique combi­nation of local expertise and global finan­cial secu­rity com­bined with swift and flexible customer ser­vice en­ables Hannover Re to offer excep­tional value to the life insu­rance market.