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Public as well as private health spending has been rising across the world for many years now. Advances in the field of medicine play a role in this, as do greater health awareness, population growth and increasing available incomes. While some consider this trend to be a burden, others benefit from the significantly growing health market. This increasing trend is expected to continue in the upcoming years. We support our clients, whether they are life, multi-line or specialised health insurers, in participating profitably in this market.

Our health expertise for our clients

Within our world-wide team, Hannover Re offers a wide range of valuable health exper­tise. From product know­ledge relating to func­tional invali­dity or critical illness, through expe­rience with the speci­fic attri­butes of risk rein­surance for indem­nity health products, right up to finan­cial solu­tions in the area of health: our local experts under­stand what works and what doesn’t in diffe­rent markets.

We support our clients by supply­ing the liqui­dity or capital relief they need, analy­sing clients’ data and provi­ding risk manage­ment ideas. Further­more, we offer advice on pro­duct port­folio as well as process optimi­sation.

We have exper­tise hubs on all five conti­nents. By working together, we can adopt aspects that are valid inter­natio­nally and combine them with local know-how to service specific markets. Our clients trust us, safe in the know­ledge that their data is in good hands.

Our regional services now and in future

Regions around the world vary greatly with respect to their health reinsurance requirements. Our services are geared to these specific regional needs. In the US, for example, our subsidiary Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America is well positioned to offer both, financial solutions for small, medium-sized and large health insurers in a growing market as well as conventional reinsurance to support the risk tolerance of clients in the group health markets. In Latin America, we have a long track record of experience with non-proportional health reinsurance solutions which we continuously expand to include quota share coverage and financing as well.

We identify advan­tageous sales channels and busi­ness oppor­tunities even in diffi­cult markets and advise our clients accor­dingly. A prime example is India, where we are increa­singly active and success­ful, espe­cially in the mass-health segment, where govern­ment spon­sored schemes cover basic treat­ments in hos­pital for poor parts of the popu­lation. Here, our on-top claims manage­ment services are particu­larly high in demand. In Germany, Hannover Re provides system solu­tions to support effi­cient sales pro­cesses for popular products that combine per­sonal accident cover and func­tional dis­ability.

Our clients bene­fit from our world­wide network of exper­tise. With health experts on every conti­nent, toge­ther with the very special mix of short deci­sion-making pro­cesses and local know-how Hannover Re brings inter­national know­ledge to the table. We have the courage to tread new paths and pave the way for our clients’ success.