Banc­assurance products present an excellent oppor­tunity for organi­sations with esta­blished sales forces, trusted brands, and strong client relation­ships to expand their offe­rings and re­venues with tai­lored life and health insu­rance products.

Hannover Re’s clients bene­fit from our unique know­ledge and capabi­lities as a rein­surer of banc­assurance products. Our expe­rience covers a huge range of insu­rance pro­ducts distri­buted via finan­cial insti­tutions in many diffe­rent coun­tries around the world. This combi­nation of de­tailed local market know­ledge and experi­ence with global insight and capabi­lities through the Hannover Re organi­sation gives us a truly excep­tional perspec­tive on this growing and evol­ving market.

Banc­assurance is multi-faceted. For example, Hannover Re is an exceptio­nally well-experi­enced rein­surer in the field of credit life insu­rance, where aspects of banc­assu­rance play an impor­tant role. Our exper­tise extends far beyond tradi­tional life and health insu­rance. We create tai­lored insu­rance covers to be packaged with finan­cial pro­ducts. Exam­ples include: life insu­rance and dis­ability protec­tion for unit linked pro­ducts, cove­rage of bank deposit and savings accounts, waiver of regular invest­ments upon death or cri­tical illness, and pro­ducts such as uni­versal life plans.

Automated under­writing solu­tions play a key role in modern sales pro­cesses, im­proving over­all pro­cess effi­ciency as well as the risk pro­file of new busi­ness. hr | ReFlex is our life risk assessment tool, an eco-system com­bining state of the art functio­nality with excep­tional flexi­bility and ease of use. hr |  ReFlex can be quickly and con­veniently inte­grated into banc­assurers’ own sys­tems and fully con­figured to reflect local market con­ditions - resul­ting in better and faster risk selec­tion and under­writing, and signi­ficant process effi­ciency gains. Sub­sequent cost savings will further increase sales.

As an estab­lished player in the banc­assu­rance market, our clients appre­ciate not only our expert gui­dance and support, but also our speed, respon­siveness, and flexi­bility. We are always looking for new ways of apply­ing our market-leading exper­tise to develop inno­vative solu­tions that help our partners fully benefit from emerging oppor­tunities in the banc­assurance market.

With banc­assurance-focused opera­tions in many different coun­tries, we are ideally placed to support our clients in deve­loping their busi­nesses both natio­nally and inter­nationally.