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The Group Risk Management division is all about identifying, quantifying and managing risks – including the associated reporting.

Discover our Group Risk Management division.

Here we look at the different risks that can affect our business – and how best to manage them. We identify, analyse and assess risks of all kinds, and then manage and control them. We focus on technical and financial risks, natural hazard assessments and risk management requirements. For us, the excitement of our work lies in the combination of many challenges: identifying risks early and reliably, applying quantitative methods of analysis with confidence, and using mathematical and statistical methods to identify complex cause-and-effect relationships or altered correlations.

For us as risk managers, everything revolves around the identification, quantification and management of risks - including the associated reporting. We are responsible for the technical support and application of our company models for Solvency II, supervise the quantitative reporting for Hannover Re's internal capital model and are involved in the further development and implementation of our risk models.

"In my work, I am exposed to a wide variety of topics in an international environment, which I still find very enriching even after years in the job. I also appreciate the very constructive and supportive cooperation with my colleagues at Hannover Re."

The competencies we use here

Our work is as diverse as the people who make up our teams. Professional experience in reinsurance would be desirable, but not essential.

We value these skills:

  • Professional experience in the risk management or actuarial division of an insurer or reinsurer
  • Knowledge of actuarial mathematics and financial and risk analysis
  • Experience with financial statements, reports and forecasts, as well as actuarial and stochastic knowledge
  • Experience with Solvency II and common risk and capital models as a basis for risk management and the financial management of insurance companies, including the derivation of options for action
  • Routine in the application and implementation (model development) of IFRS17

By the way, you don't need to have all these skills. You can find out more about our specific requirements in our current vacancies.

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