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Hannover Re has a wealth of experi­ence and exper­tise in claims manage­ment over the de­cades, and today retains an out­stan­ding global team of profes­sional claims manage­ment specialists.

Our global team of claims specia­lists be­lieves in close relation­ships charac­terised by ease of doing business, con­stant dia­logue and contri­buting their exper­tise when­ever required.

We see claims manage­ment as an oppor­tunity to add value to our clients’ busi­nesses. Our clients benefit not only from the effi­ciency, profes­sionalism and market know­ledge of our team, but also from our strong commit­ment to mini­mising settle­ment time­scales.

We have the systems and the flexi­bility to accept claims notifi­cation via a full range of channels. In all aspects of the claims process, we aim to work which­ever way best suits our clients and their policy­holders.

We foster close working rela­tion­ships between our claims managers and the clients they support in order to facili­tate doing business together. The more we know about our clients’ busi­ness objec­tives and opera­tions, the better placed our team members are to add value through the claims manage­ment process.

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Our medical newsletter is published on a regular basis for claims managers, medical underwriters and of course any other interested party worldwide.

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