Reinsurance services

Manual underwriting

Behind most successful life and health insurance products is a team of expert underwriters who can assess individual risk from medical and other perspectives and make sure only eligible and appropriate ones enter the portfolio.

Our underwriting manuals

For many companies this is a people-based process and their underwriting professionals need access to the latest comprehensive life and health information to support their decision-making. This is where our underwriting manuals come into play:

  • Life underwriting manual: hr | Ascent
  • Health underwriting manual: hr | decida

Based on the latest research from our international underwriting experts, medical consultants and actuaries, these “precision tools” provide top-quality intelligence to help insurers make the right call. Both are easy to use, web-based and grounded in years of expertise.

Make sound decisions that stand the test of time, with our support manuals at the heart of your underwriting process.