Manama, Bahrain

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Hannover ReTakaful B.S.C. (c) is a fully owned subsidiary of Hannover Re Group, responsible for the Group’s retakaful business worldwide. Our Bahrain office also consists of the Hannover Re Bahrain Branch, which covers conventional reinsurance business in selected markets, namely Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

We are an innovative, flexible, and leading retakaful provider having an independent rating of A+ from S&P, distinguishing us from our competitors. It is our consistency in building long-term relationships, delivering value, and maintaining support in both good and hard times that has made us invaluable to our clients.

Our purpose

Our purpose goes beyond purely financial aspects. We view our clients as partners shaping the future. As such, our services extend from providing coverage for major investments to the development of new and sustainable technologies.

We understand the pace and nature of market changes. We enable industries and people to recover from distress and move forward. By expanding the availability of reinsurance, we are opening new avenues and creating fresh opportunities. By sharing risks, we enable our clients to withstand large losses and rebuild stronger than before. Our guiding ethos has always been to work in concert with our clients, our business partners, to do more than the bare minimum of insurance packages. Our relationship is one of equals. We team up to go the extra mile!

Our track record in creating personalised packages for our clients exemplifies our ability to listen to customers’ concerns and challenges facing them in emerging, well-established, or volatile markets.

Beyond risk-sharing

We team up to create opportunities.

Purpose & values

Olaf Brock

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer - Hannover ReTakaful and General Manager - Hannover Re Bahrain Branch