Life & Health


Combining creativity and flexibility, we are proud to support our clients in spearheading the design of new generations of critical illness products. Our medical doctor advises clients on the latest developments on disease definitions.

Underwriters and claims personnel in life insurance companies must constantly develop their skills with up-to-date medical developments and underwriting knowledge. To help our clients’ underwriters meet these requirements, our underwriters, claims experts and medical doctors from Europe and Asia will be pleased to conduct relevant training sessions and present medical case studies.

Each year, Hannover Re Hong Kong hosts a number of underwriting seminars in different locations, including one underwriting seminar in Asia. Renowned speakers from the US, Europe and Asia are invited to present a range of underwriting topics and current issues in their respective markets at these seminars.

We also regularly host a number of actuarial seminars and workshops inside and outside Asia for our clients. These provide a good opportunity to learn more on the latest developments within our industry.

Global service spectrum

In addition to the expert services offered by its local entities, Hannover Re can provide a wide range of value-adding services geared towards each client's individual needs: