Mumbai, India

Property & Casualty

Our team offers treaty and facultative reinsurance.

We are always keen to look into new ideas and new innovative products. We support our clients in their risk management and product ranges.

We are open to cedants and brokers with good potential with whom we aim to establish a personal contact on a regular basis.

Hannover Re India’s objective is to build a sustainable relationship with our clients. It allows us to deliver a wide range of value-adding service to the highest possible standards. We are open, transparent and accessible. Our efficient and fast responses place high demands upon us and we also provide our clients with:

  • Lead treaty programs
  • Non-proportional treaty quotations
  • Prompt settlements (cash calls)
  • Training of individual clients (tailor made)
  • Seminars on a regular basis

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GLN Sarma

Chief Executive Officer

Avijit Ghosh

Chief Underwriting Officer P&C

Ramakant Malpani

Chief Financial Officer