Life & Health


Our claims philosophy is to provide a smooth path throughout the claims journey by assessing each claim on its own merit with integrity, compassion and fairness. Our goal is to assist our customers when they need it most.

We achieve this through

  • Customer centricity – where we work closely with our customers to ensure prompt and fair customer focussed outcomes. Our dedicated team of assessors will be in regular contact with our customers explaining what’s happening throughout the process and providing customers options if they need additional support (for example translation services) or are not satisfied with their experience.
  • Communication – where we communicate with our customers in an open, proactive and empathetic way. We communicate in plain English in a timely, fair and respectful way.
  • Wellness services – by providing our customers with wellness services such as early intervention, rehabilitation, return to work support and return to wellness support services that are personalised to support their recovery. We value the health benefits of good work and we look at a variety of measures, tailored to each person, that could assist in an improvement in the individual’s return to normal living activities.
  • Simplicity – making the claims process as simple and efficient as possible for our customers and explain our decision in language that is easy to understand. We will only ask for information that is needed to fairly assess their claim and will operate as efficiently as we can.
  • Transparency – providing a claims process that is timely and transparent for all stakeholders to understand. Documentation and information is easily accessible to all relevant parties.
  • Stakeholder management – by providing all relevant stakeholders with a high standard of claims service by ensuring they are kept informed every step of the way. We provide direct access to our decision-makers and keep all relevant parties informed.

Our aim is to be there for you when you need us.

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