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Longevity and retirement solutions

In Australia and New Zealand, our longevity experts have been at the forefront of industry developments for several years and are working closely with regulators, superannuation funds, consultants, insurers and product providers to design and launch the next generation of longevity products.

We welcome the opportunity to share our unique insights about the local market and our extensive international knowledge and experience with you.

Examples of our engagements

Our services include:

  • Retirement income covenant products
  • Immediate and deferred lifetime annuities
  • Unit-linked retirement solutions
  • Reinsurance solutions for variable annuities
  • Enhanced annuities
  • Longevity swaps for corporate defined benefit schemes
  • Longevity capital solutions

Our deep insights into mortality and morbidity experience among older lives provides us with a sound knowledge base from which to work with clients on developing retirement income products.

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