Life & Health


We offer our partners access to state-of-the-art digital underwriting tools and systems for both manual and automated underwriting. Our underwriting team is fully supported by doctors and research professionals who harness years of data, medical knowledge and actuarial know-how to help our partners manage their risk sucessfully.

Underwriting philosophy

Our underwriting philosophy is to support our partners in providing streamlined, easy access to insurance cover for their customers. We are guided by the following principles:

  • Keep it simple
  • Use the information at hand
  • Respond timely and efficiently
  • Ensure sustainability of decisions
  • Optimise customer experience
  • Agree philosophy with our partners

Our services

We strive to exceed expectations and provide a superior experience to our partners. Our services include:

  • Dedicated underwriting relationship manager
  • Access to our online guide - hr | Ascent
  • Complaints handling support for assessments made using hr | Ascent
  • Training and skills development
  • Reviews and audits
  • Reporting, including data insights

Underwriting excellence: Our underwriting goals

Insure a healthy portfolio – Avoid covering unfavourable risks

Maintain equity between policyholders – Charge the right price for the right risk

Sustain adequate premiums – Match actuarial assumptions for rate calculations

Justify underwriting decisions – Make them comprehensive

Facilitate innovative products – Support competitiveness

Support profitable portfolios – Protect against anti-selection

Enhance customer basis – Cover a wide range of lives