Milan, Italy

Property & Casualty

After having gradually transferred the technical know-how to the underwriters at our Hannover office and, while continuing its support in underwriting activities, the P&C local office now focuses mainly on marketing and representative tasks.

Due to the importance of the Italian market within our Hannover office, our local office benefits from a widespread and prompt support from the Hannover Re organisation.

The Property & Casualty office structure is intentionally lean and flexible:

  • Acts as intermediary between our clients and Hannover office
  • Gathers and elaborates market information
  • Actively participates in business transactions and conducts negotiations with clients
  • Coordinates the activities of eight different underwriting centres in Hannover
  • Attends meetings with clients
  • Represents Hannover Re at the main national and international conventions
  • Organises market conferences and events


Since 2014 Hannover Re P&C local office - in order to further meet its clients' needs in the most appropriate way - offers training seminars focused on basic principles of reinsurance.

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