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At Hannover Re UK Life Branch, you’ll find we’re not like other reinsurers. We’re more flexible, more innovative, less afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.

What we offer

As part of a strong, secure, global reinsurance group, we have the unyielding support from a world-class organisation. We prioritise long-term partnerships over short-term expediency, profitability over premium volume, excellence over adequacy.

We’re dedicated to a philosophy that promotes access, inclusion and certainty, helping our clients develop and deliver innovative new products that provide clear value to the broadest possible cross-section of society.

Based on this approach, we’ve been pioneering new markets and new approaches ever since we began life back in 1984. We pride ourselves on leading where others follow.

Our clients trust us to deliver the information, the ideas and the insights on which to base products that can open up new revenue streams and deliver on their promise.

We aim to create mutually profitable long-term client partnerships by responding to our clients’ issues and aspirations with innovative and effective solutions that genuinely give them what they need.

Beyond risk-sharing

We team up to create opportunities.

Purpose & values


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