We want to hear our employees’ opinions, at all levels, no matter what hierar­chical level they are on. You can only further develop if you look at your own beha­viour critically. This also means liste­ning to others, changing one’s perspec­tive and accep­ting the best argu­ments, even when they are not your own.

Openness starts with our recrui­ting process: if we feel you are a suitable candi­date during the inter­view, we invite you to an orien­tation day. On this day the appli­cant gets to know his or her future team and sees what the work will involve. This helps the applicant to make an informed decision as to whether or not the job and environ­ment appeal. The collea­gues also give feed­back on whether or not the candi­date would be suitable for the team.

Furthermore, we carry out regular employee surveys on topics such as infor­mation policy, coope­ration etc. This allows us to identify poten­tial for improve­ment, which we address in con­crete measures.

At Hannover Re it is not only the employee that is appraised by the superior in, for example, annual appraisal inter­views, but the em­ployees give regular feedback on the manage­ment style of their superior. The superior of the appraised boss also gives his or her feed­back. As you can see, manage­ment receive syste­matic feed­back. Even the board members of Hannover Re make use of this tool and ask the people they work with world­wide for feedback.