Our business is treaty reinsurance for property and liability insurances on the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and Latin American. Treaty reinsurance (also known as obligatory reinsurance) is the reinsurance of complete treaty portfolios of primary insurers or at least parts of them.

For our customers, primary insurance companies, we are their competent partner who knows all about their needs and the peculiarities and risks of their markets. Our department is located in Hannover but we often travel to the regions that we look after. We also have offices in some of these locations.

What do we do exactly?

Our tasks include the analysis of reinsurance requests, including risk assessment and the calculation of adequate premiums, contract negotiations and conclusions with primary insurers and/or brokers and the related data management. To keep our fingers on the pulse, we constantly monitor our markets, the risk situation there and the insurance landscape. We care for our customers and want to offer them added value by listening to them, working out their needs and offering individual solutions.

What are our competencies?

Most of the about 15 employees in our department have the following qualifications:

  • A degree in economics or mathematics
  • A combination of analytical and communication skills
  • A distinct affinity to the above-mentioned countries and cultural areas and experience gained in the field
  • Knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese at native-speaker level