As an intern you don’t have to make coffee or copies for hours on end. Instead, you get to work on tasks which are meaningful for you and us.

General conditions

We treat our interns fairly, therefore 

  • we offer students internships that have the purpose of professional orientation
  • we provide interns with clearly defined assignments and goals and designate a fixed contact person at the company
  • we employ interns for a useful period of time
  • we do not feed university graduates, who have applied for a permanent position, with hopes by offering them an internship
  • we pay interns an appropriate reimbursement
  • we ensure transparency regarding tasks, contact person and objectives of the internship.

Prerequisites for an internship

  • Well-advanced in a relevant degree
  • Successful completion of the first semester
  • Good analytical and numerical skills
  • Independent and flexible worker
  • Good command of English
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office

Any other skills that are necessary are listed in the job ad in our job portal.

Areas of activity

At Hannover Re you can do an internship in nearly all departments, although only if we actually advertise a position. You will find an overview in our job portal.

If you want to do an internship abroad, please contact our foreign branches directly via email. They will let you know if internships are possible and you can then apply.


Internships at Hannover Re last between nine weeks and six months. Each job posting in the job portal states the duration of each internship.


Basically, we pay interns at least 1,000, - Euro monthly. For internships lasting three months or longer we paid the minimum wage. This also applies to compulsory internships.


Internships can be found on our job portal. Please apply exclusively by using our applicants’ portal.