Get to know our company, get tips from our employees about applying and starting here and make initial personal contacts. You can meet staff from our Human Resources department and other departments at job fairs and numerous events throughout Germany. Here are the upcoming dates and links to further information (only available in German, if not stated otherwise) on the events:

2019-04-25 EcoMatika in Braunschweig

For more information about the EcoMatika fair, which addresses the students and graduates of mathematical courses of study as well as fields of subject with a high economical proportion, click: 

2019-05-22 Praxisbörse in Göttingen

For more information about "Praxisbörse", the job and career fair of the Georg August University (central university campus), click:

2019-05-22 - 2019-05-23 Career Dates in Hannover

For more information about the Career Dates, a fair for a down-to-earth contact with companies, click:

2019-11-16 WiMa congress in Ulm

For more information about this fair, click: