Some people like to have contact to international customers. Others love developing mathematical models with their team colleagues. Others, however, prefer each day to be different. At Hannover Re, everybody has found just what she or he is looking for. Read the reports from our employees who describe their work in our company and tell you how they came to Hannover Re.

Nadine Schweken­diek, manager in the Technical Accounting Department

Nadine Schwekendiek, Accountant in Technical Accounting Department

Nadine Schwekendiek appreciates the work with people and with numbers. The contracts, which her department checks and manages, there hardly is one like the other. Her career at Hannover Re started as an apprentice.
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Lukas Warneke, former dual student

Lukas Warneke, dual student of economics majoring in insurance

Lukas Warneke works as an auditor in the Group Auditing department. He began his career at Hannover Re as a student of the Dual study program, enjoying particularly the ability to directly apply theoretical content learned at university to his work in different departments.
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