qualification key

Would you like to know whether your qualifications and abilities fit the requirements profile of one of our vacancies? If so, our Skills-key can help you.

Parallel to your personality, you are also continuously developing your Skills-key. And just as every key is made for a particular lock, so your personal Skills-key only fits certain positions. Before you send us an application, therefore, you should know your own Skills-key and use this knowledge to make a systematic search for the appropriate requirements profile of your dream job. When the job description and the required qualifications and abilities match your Skills-key as well as your personal profile, you will know that you have found it. Make the most of your application to show us how your individual Skills-key fits us and your preferred position.

Professional skills

We take professional skills to mean specialist abilities and knowledge. For the most part, these are acquired at school, during vocational training and in university studies and they are subsequently expanded and consolidated in more advanced training activities. Professional skills can be objectively established by others. In this context, a distinction can be made between practical abilities/experience and theoretical expertise.
For most positions we look for mathe­maticianseconomists and candidates with a commercial background. Nevertheless, we also offer openings for specialists in medicine, engineering and IT. Personal examples, describing various academic and occupational backgrounds, are provided by some of our colleagues in their testimonials. Given that we operate internationally, knowledge of English is essential for almost all positions and we welcome additional foreign language skills. Please remember to include suitable documentation of your professional skills.

Social skills

Social skills are important for social interaction. They include, among other things, the abilities to cultivate contacts, solve problems and take decisions. In working life, social skills are required first and foremost for cooperation with superiors and fellow employees, but they are also indispensable for good relations with suppliers and clients.

The specific social skills that are most essential will depend heavily on the advertised vacancy. Whatever the case, though, you should have good manners and be able to represent Hannover Re well. What is more, we attach importance to your ability to be a team player, your enthusiasm for working on a self-reliant basis and also your capacity to think outside the box. It is particularly important in your job interview to be able to identify your strengths and potential areas for growth as well as to reflect on your own actions.

Methodological skills

Methodological skills enable you to apply working methods and practices. This includes, for example, having a mastery of presentation techniques and the ability to obtain and structure information, moderate discussions and successfully conduct negotiations.

We make intensive efforts to instil methodological skills through internal and external seminars designed to foster your personal development. It is important for us to see that you have already purposefully acquired methodological skills and are also keen to further refine them.


Values shape our personal and social behaviour and are reflected in interactions among Hannover Re employees and with clients. This is a fundamental cornerstone of our lasting commercial success: our striving to arrive at win-win solutions. Despite a conservative business environment, our company is not a place for starched collars and pin-striped suits. On the contrary, applicants should bring an unconventional mindset and they need to be “weatherproof” in order to be able to handle the diverse challenges of our business.
Bearing in mind that we are looking for men and women who can identify with Hannover Re, your personal values should be compatible with our Code of Conduct, our Group Strategy and our Sustainability Principles.


While you probably pursue your interests for the most part in your own private sphere, in an ideal situation they can also be combined with your profession.

You should bring an enthusiasm for reinsurance business, have no fear of figures and take a lively interest in economic issues. Given that many positions also involve contact with colleagues and business partners abroad, we look for employees with a desire to work alongside individuals from other cultural backgrounds, who enjoy speaking other languages besides their native tongue and who – depending on their position – would like to travel around Europe or even worldwide.


Doubtless you have personal goals that you would like to achieve in your life or desires that you hope to fulfil. As a company, of course, we also pursue goals: we would like to further extend our position as one of the world's leading reinsurance groups. If you want to give of your very best, we can offer you a broad range of development opportunities that will enable you to grow as a person and advance your career. Show us the common goals that drive us.